What is PrepMajor?

PrepMajor is an online E-Learning Website and mobile App platform that allows tutors to build, run and deliver courses for collaborative online learning. Students (children, teen, adults) can log onto and access the e-learning training materials in a central, secure location enabling them abilities to play, develop and learn new skills, personal developments and goals to achieve their full potentials


I am a Tutor?

The Tutor creates, manages and delivers the training courses. The tutor records session and uploads lesson video and publishes lesson notes. The tutor schedules availability for training and mentoring sessions.

I am a Student?

I am unable to access my courses on Prepmajor

Check your System Compatibility:

  • Your PC software/browser may not be compatible with Prepmajor E-learning website and Mobile App
  • A web browser is an application used to access and view websites and mobile App

Prepmajor is compatible with the following browsers and all common operating systems:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and above
  • Google Chrome latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox latest version
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari 9 & 10

Prepmajor works on all common operating systems, including laptops, tablets, iPads and mobile devices

I have Lost/Forgotten my password

  • Use the Lost Password on the Login Form to reset your password
  • https://prepmajor.com/login
  • Enter the email address associated with your account and complete instructions in email to reset password via password reset link
  • Email may take a few minutes to arrive
  • Also check Spam/Junk mail if not arrived after a few minutes

Search for Course

  • Search for a course using search functionality
  • Hoover over mouse diagram and select course from different course/categories displayed

My Order

  • Search for a course using search functionality
  • Select course and click on Get course button,
  • Select one-time payment/enrol with membership
  • Go to cart
  • Select course
  • Click on Apply coupon button for discounted cost, if you have a coupon
  • Click on Proceed to checkout button
  • Make payment using PayPal/Debit or Credit Card

View and Access my Courses

  • Go to Profile Account
  • Go to Home tab to check list of courses ordered
  • Select a course and click on it to start course


Changing My Email Account


Sharing My Account

  • Your account is personal to you
  • Under no circumstances must they be shared with another person/family/friend


Registering a new Account

  • Click on Register to take you to Sign Up form
  • Enter login/username
  • Enter email address
  • Enter password
  • Confirm password
  • Click checkbox agreeing to terms of use
  • Click on Register button to register